Rebecca Eden (Director & CIO of Cloudtamers) tells us why NetSuite users need not fear Brexit.

Companies trading with Europe can rest assured that whatever legislative changes affect the movement of goods (import duties, VAT and export tariffs) NetSuite supplied by Cloudtamers, will support legal compliance across every European region. So whether new import and export duties are imposed or if companies have to register for VAT within EU or the UK, Netsuite is designed to be configured quickly to support new scenarios.

‘Brexit-proof’ NetSuite offers easy tax compliance if you need to register for VAT (PST, HST, Sales Tax) in one or more tax regions and is tax compliant in over 54 countries across the world, with Government gateway integrations in many regions.

NetSuite features include tax nexus management, landed costs and incoterms reducing the time, complexity and cost to UK Companies in managing value chains should the UK no longer benefit from the 34 existing free trade agreements that the EU has negotiated throughout the world.

NetSuite is used by more than 30,000 businesses across 100 countries and offers:

  • Built in tax engine configurable to specific business needs
  • Comprehensive currency management for 190+ currencies
  • 19+ language translations

Talk to Cloudtamers to see how NetSuite can help your business become more agile and responsive to change, survive the upcoming Brexit… and whatever comes next.