Here’s a self-service business management systems health check.  If you’re busy just answer the main questions.  If you want to find out more answer the bullet points too.

My organisation needs to store and access information (data)

My organisation has an electronic system for storing and accessing information

I am confident that my organisation’s system does everything it needs to do and at the right price. [If you score full marks, stop here].

I always have the latest information

  • I can access the right real-time information, easily, enabling me to make better, faster decisions
  • The system that stores my organisation’s information is accessible whenever I need it, from wherever I am and on any device
  • I can customise the way my organisation’s information is presented to me by setting up my key performance metrics on a real-time dashboard
  • At the press of a button I can view information in a different language, a different currency and comply with over 50 tax jurisdictions worldwide

My organisation’s information is secure

  • My organisation’s information is not going to be hacked, corrupted, stolen or disappear
  • I can easily customise access rights so my staff and stakeholders can see only what I want them to see

My organisation’s system holds all corporate information in a single database which saves me time (re-keying), embarrassment (duplications) and money (multiple database integration)

  • My organisation’s system enables the automation of key businesses processes across all departments, including sales, marketing, service, finance, inventory, order fulfilment, purchasing, and employee management
  • My organisation’s customer-facing CRM and ecommerce capabilities integrate seamlessly with my back-office accounting/ERP
  • My organisation’s system has self-service portals which facilitate partner collaboration and B2B and B2C customer interaction

My organisation’s system is flexible, facilitating growth and change and is easily customisable

  • My organisation’s system is extensible enabling it to grow and change with the organisation’s growth and change, or my specific company and industry requirements
  • I can configure my system in-house so I am not beholden to my organisation’s system supplier to make changes as my organisation grows and changes
  • Customisations to my organisation’s system carry forward seamlessly with upgrades

I’m always using the latest version

I know what my system is costing me

I need to talk about this!