Key Benefits
Highly configurable options for approvals routing
Routings can be set according to transaction characteristics, not simply financial value
Approvers have the option to request more information to help decide whether to approve or reject
A single approver may have different approval scope within separate divisions of the organisation and may be included more than once in a routing e.g. Procurement first give an “in principle” approval, it is then routed to budgetary approvers before returning to Procurement for a final check and action)
Approvers who have no fiscal responsibilities can be included in the approval process, for example, the legal team may review contractual arrangements without having budgetary authority
Users may be offered a choice of approvers: more than one approver may have authority to approve transactions for specific departments or values, so a user who knows the approver’s availability can select an appropriate approver preventing delays in the approval process
Flexible approval templates allow one person to hold different approval levels for different departments or subsidiaries
The application captures a detailed history of approvals and approver comments for future audit
Optionally, CloudTamers Transaction Approval Manager can be applied to non-financial records for example a vacancy request.
Key Features

CloudTamers Transaction Approval Manager operates entirely within NetSuite to streamline approval management and drive swift and efficient procedures across the entire organisation.


  • Automated approval routing based upon configurable rule
  • Approve, reject or request more information
  • Include approver more than once (for example procurement at start and end of approval process).


  • One person can hold different approval scopes across separate areas of business
  • Approval routing based on transaction characteristics as well as value
  • Automate approvals on multi-currency transaction values.


  • Unlimited approval routing rules across subsidiaries and divisions
  • Designate single approver or allow selection on transaction entry from approvers with appropriate scope
  • Include non-financial approvers for example legal team.

Download CloudTamers Transaction Approval Manager Datasheet