Rota Management

The optional rota functionality lets you create and save rotas based on the departments and job roles required. Your rota can be for any specified period or length of time and allows you to identify the roles and numbers of staff required. If you use the same rota frequently, you can save a copy and reuse it again and again.

Employee Schedule Management

Creating a vacancy is easy.

The roster/schedule functionality of Rostering for NetSuite allows you to allocate specific employees to work on a particular day and time over a defined period. The roster gives you visibility into number of contracted hours, time off in lieu of pay [RE1] already earned and current committed hours to help you use your staff most efficiently. Created automatically based upon your desired job roles and availability or selected manually from a side-by-side working pattern calendar using our drag and drop feature, the output is a complete schedule management tool which makes for easy planning, gives you real time availability and true insight into salary and overtime costs.

[RE1]Extended this as non-UK tend to not know what TOIL is as they use alternate descriptions (too numerous to state),

(Populate your schedule calendar automatically based on availability or manually by dragging and dropping from the working pattern calendar below)

(Colour coding allows you easily see availability to work on a given day/time and can be customised for your preference. Contracted time displays against available time to allow you to make smart decisions around who to allocate working time to in order to maximise utilisation across your workforce).

Pay Rule Calculation

You can link your vacancy to a predefined job description, associate the role with supClosing the roster (daily or at the end of the roster period) enables the employee to accept or reject the time worked. Accepted time generates NetSuite time records with the correct pay rate against the time applied. The system uses the employee’s pay rules to generate NetSuite timesheets for the time worked and apply specific pay types. Basic pay rules can be based on such factors as time of day, day of week and whether it is a public holiday. The system can accommodate multiple payroll solutions and will generate a run against each of your payrolls. The output is that the software produces timesheets with accurate gross pay details which can then be passed to an external payroll provider using CloudTamers Payroll Export for NetSuite. The Payroll Export SuiteApp can produce one or more files configured as required for each individual payroll requirement.


Download the Rostering Datasheet