Learning & Development Management

Use CloudTamers Learning & Development Management module to track training progress, career development and plan for succession.  Manage all your learning and development programmes, activities and results from a single module built inside NetSuite.

The system has been designed to help you identify training needs and gaps in your workforce skillset.  Analysing that data and reporting on gaps enables you to plug skill shortages swiftly and effectively, identify upcoming requirements in advance and identify the correct employees to upskill for future projects.


Learning and Development for NetSuite

Learning and Development Dashboard


The upshot is a more engaged, better qualified and empowered team, primed for succession planning.

  • Track training progress
  • Succession planning
  • Skills gap analysis
  • Apprenticeship management
  • Personal development plans

Talent Management

CloudTamers Talent Management module provides you with strategic assistance towards accomplishing your long term, people management goals.  The Talent Management module contains an end to end process for automated performance reviews, including 360-degree appraisals, proficiency assessments, operational goals, key competencies and document management for job descriptions.

CloudTamers Talent Management for NetSuite module allows you to manage employee CPD, career plans and personal development as well as helping you identify role readiness and retention risk.

Talent Management for NetSuite

Talent Management Dashboard in CloudTamers HR for NetSuite Talent module


Talent management also incorporates a full suite of disciplinary, grievance, capability and appeal management procedures and processes.

  • 360 degree appraisals
  • Appraisal Wizard
  • Proficiency assessments
  • CPD management
  • Operational goals
  • Group, Regional and Department objectives
  • Job descriptions
  • Performance management
  • Role readiness
  • Retention risk analysis

Applicant Tracker/ Recruitment

Manage the full vacancy lifecycle from raising a vacancy request, through to assessing candidates and making job offers.  Applicant tracker allows you to onboard your successful candidates with ease by carrying over all their competencies, qualifications, job histories, memberships and legal documents straight from the point of entry in the system – the job application.  Casual staff, consultants or contractors can keep the same candidate record regardless of the quantity of employment periods.  Each time the employee leaves and re-joins the candidate record automatically updates with the new skills and experience.


Applicant Tracking for NetSuite

Applicant Tracking for NetSuite Dashboard


Optionally, Applicant Tracking for NetSuite can be integrated into third party recruiters such as Monster, Reed or LinkedIn.

  • Handles the full recruitment lifecycle
  • One candidate/employee record regardless of quantity of employment engagements
  • Automated competency and qualifications for candidates
  • Optional third party custom integration capability

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CloudTamers Payroll Exporter calculates gross pay and creates files for export to regional payroll software applications or bureau services based on each individual payroll application and jurisdiction.  Bring external payroll transaction information into NetSuite, create a journal entry and place a copy of payslip information on the employee’s record.  Whether you use an external payroll bureau or run your payroll in house. CloudTamer’s Payroll Exporter reduces manual effort, enhances accuracy and enables speedier payroll processing.

  • Calculates gross pay
  • Creates journal entry
  • Generates copy of payslip
  • Speeds up payroll processing


The Payroll Importer is configurable for any payroll application, inhouse or external.  It gathers all the relevant information in relation to start and leave dates, values of pay, specific payroll periods and pushes the payroll detail, including NI contributions, salary sacrifice, government deductions, commissions, allowances and benefits back into NetSuite to enable accurate reporting and analysis.

  • Accurate import information
  • Faster consolidation
  • Better financial reporting

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Flexible Benefits Manager

Employees can self-serve from a selection of benefits, such as holiday buy and sell and pension contributions. All configurable based upon pre-defined criteria like age or salary grade.  This reduces administration overhead, ensures equity and empowers employees through personal management of their own renumeration and package.

  • Holiday buy and sell
  • Childcare voucher schemes
  • Flexible pension contributions
  • Age and salary configurators
  • Employee self-serve
  • Gym membership
  • Cycle to work scheme

File Cabinet Manager

CloudTamers File Cabinet Manager facilitates the secure storage of personal information using controlled access.  Based around pre-set rules, a secure, three-tier, permission led file structure sits within the NetSuite filing cabinet and ensures sensitive data can only be accessed by those with the relevant permissions.  Security permissions are automatically updated with changes to management, structure or team, saving time and adding an extra layer of safety.

  • Enhanced security
  • Permission control documents
  • Automated security permissions

Download Human Capital Management for NetSuite Datasheet