Core Product

The core product lets you make sales based on date-time periods on any item you designate “bookable” inside the Booking Management Module including:

  • Spaces such as apartments, ground, parking space, stores or rooms
  • Subscription sales
  • Long- and short-term leases
  • Invoicing for Ground Rent periods and other custom calendars
  • Equipment hires
  • Time-based service provision

Key Features

Using the standard NetSuite inventory list, items marked as “bookable” can be included in quotes, orders and estimates, with accurate pricing depending on start and end hire dates.  All bookable items are displayed on the booking calendar where clashes and over-bookings are highlighted.  Booking configurations can be displayed on a booking diary and can include things like room lay out, catering services, or equipment hire.

  • Reserve a bookable item for a designated period
  • Issue price estimates
  • Prevent double-booking
  • Transaction details are displayed on hover
  • Click through from the calendar directly to the underlying booking transaction
  • Print a list of leases and booking configurations
  • Contract templates with detailed terms and conditions
  • Contract start and end dates, expiries, renewals and contract reviews/breaks are recorded and tracked
  • Create custom financial calendars e.g. regional Ground Rent quarters
  • Link spaces or services through Parent and Child categorisation
  • Highlight clashes where dates overlap – in real time
  • Manage date-based price increases and decreases
  • Automatically create single or batch invoices with accurate pro-rating as prices and/or periods change
  • Direct link to full auto-invoice history

Advanced Space Management Module

The space record sits at the heart of the solution.  Everyone from your letting agent at the front end of the customer lifecycle (via CRM interaction), right through to facilities management (customer case management) and the financial controller (customer invoicing and contracts) at the end can interact with the space record.

The space record collates and tracks information for each space – regardless of its geo-location.  Advanced Space Management can track information on both lettable spaces like apartments, rooms, parking spaces or stores, as well as non-lettable spaces such as corridors, public toilets, gardens and amenities.

Key Features:

  • Tenancy history including current tenant and contract information
  • Track support cases raised against a space
  • Manage projects and project tasks associated with a space
  • Store images, floor plans and other associated files
  • Manage costs and understand profitability of individual spaces

Price Change Management Module

Price Change Management Module allows you to adjust pricing of lettable spaces, and chargeable services, by a fixed currency rates or by percentages.

Key features:

  • Automatically manage pricing for seasonal peaks and troughs
  • Auto adjust pricing per space or customer based on pre-agreed contractual terms
  • Invoicing automatically generates correct pricing based on specified date range
  • Manage % share of services based on number of tenants/ leasers

Auto Invoice Management Module

Auto Invoice Management Module gives the user a choice of system calendars or custom calendars against which to run invoicing.

The auto-invoicing feature will automatically create a single invoice or batch of invoices with values accurately pro-rated for the proportion of the booking period that falls within the financial period selected for billing.

Key Features:

  • Batch invoices are generated in line with the billing frequency specified within customer contracts
  • Charges per transaction line are pro-rated according to the proportion of the billing period covered by the booking dates on the line
  • Multiple contracts for a single customer can be consolidated to a single invoice or invoiced separately
  • Invoices automatically generated based on selected options for calendar period, customer group, billing frequency and billing type
  • Invoices can be run in advance of the billing period, during the billing period or in arrears of the billing period
  • All price changes during the billing period will be reflected on the invoice with accurate pro-rating for the duration each price change is valid
  • Direct link to full auto-invoice history, detailing the invoices produced within each batch.

Download the Booking Management for NetSuite App Datasheet