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Use our handy navigation portlet to create vacancies, candidates or applications “on the fly”.

Applicant Tracking for NetSuite

App Track Navigation Portlet

Create a Vacancy

Creating a vacancy is easy.

You can link your vacancy to a predefined job description, associate the role with supervisors, time & expense approvers and departments.


Applicant Tracking for NetSuite

Vacancy Record

1. Track Applications to your vacancy


Applications on NetSuite

Vacancy Applications

2. Optionallly integrate into third party applications through custom integration such as website integration 


Web Integration Applicant Tracking for NetSuite

Custom Website Integration



Candidate Database

Capture critical candidate information such as previous positions, references and equal opportunity metrics for monitoring and reporting. Information such as qualifications, resumes and references moves easily through the system as the candidate progresses through the application. Use NetSuite’s email engine to send pre-defined templates to candidates at each stage of the application process.

If you use CloudTamers HR for NetSuite, the conversion of a candidate to an employee happens at the touch of a button, with all the relevant information being ported across from candidate to employee record without rekeying or manual input.

Candidate Database in NetSuite

Candidate Database



Create new candidates, capture critical information, including metrics for equal opportunity monitoring

Candidate Record

Retain all the candidate information, from qualifications to previous applications inside their record

Equality and Diversity NetSuite

Adequation/Equality and Diversity monitoring in Applicant Tracking for NetSuite

Create the employee record at the touch of a button. All the candidate information ports across to the employee record


Download the Applicant Tracking Datasheet