Discover the Apps that enhance the power of NetSuite

Native to NetSuite. Add functionality to maintain full employee lifecycle history and manage multi-jurisdiction legal compliance and good practice

Native to NetSuite. Allocate contract templates (T&Cs, clauses etc.) to NetSuite entity records for applicants, employees, partners, suppliers and customers

Native to NetSuite. Control date/time-based sales including subscriptions, property rental, equipment hire and time-based service provision

Extend Booking Manager for facilities management, tenancy history collation, contract information, cases, tasks, files and per room/geo-location.

Native to NetSuite. Manage date-based price increases/decreases by fixed rate or percentage, per customer, item or contract.

Native to NetSuite. Including extensive vacancy, candidate and applicant records, add seamless onboarding and optional job board integration

Native to NetSuite. Extend functionality and reduce risk by enforcing segregation of duties and preventing self-approval of journals.

Specifically designed for property management firms, this App is essential for any company which needs to lease property.

Native to NetSuite and suitable for most payroll systems. Journal detailed payroll data by department, class and location and display on employee records

Native to NetSuite. Extend standard hierarchical approval routings to include specialists (e.g. technical), second opinion, ask questions etc.

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