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CloudTamers’ Founder and CIO Rebecca Eden had been consulting on financial management and supporting her Sage customers for over 15 years. Having written some software to support gaps inside Sage, Rebecca spent much of her time building and rebuilding the extensions after each Sage update. Par for the course with software in those days, all part of the day job.

Then a visit to the states in 2007, and a chance conversation with a cloud software specialist led Rebecca to NetSuite. Realising that NetSuite did everything software developers had been trying to achieve these last twenty years, she became a NetSuite partner and developer in 2008 and the company has been growing steadily since.

Now CloudTamers is one of the UK’s longest standing NetSuite partners, boasts an impressive array of NetSuite native apps and an impressive customer list to match. Widely considered one of the UK’s best NetSuite consultants, Rebecca currently sits on the NetSuite’s global Technical Partner Advisory Board.

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