Who we are…

The way the world does business has changed significantly in the last quarter-century. At Cloudtamers we’ve been working with finance, CRM, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Human Resources solutions since 1991 – and we recognise that a modern business is almost totally dependent on Information Technology.

We believe your IT system needs to be as good as your products and services. It needs to give you the right information at the right time, so you can steer your organisation effectively.

“The digital back office has become the invisible, but indispensable, cornerstone of modern organisations.” Nick Eden, CEO Cloudtamers. 

We believe your IT system should serve you, rather than you serving it. We’ve aligned ourselves with NetSuite: the world’s most deployed Cloud ERP system.

Our Values 

  • Clarity: We believe in plain speaking. “The Cloud” is a misnomer, but shouldn’t be a mystery.
  • Reality: Our yes means yes and our no means no. Delivery next week means next week, not next month.
  • Honesty: If we can’t do it we will say so. If we get it wrong, we will put it right.
  • Customer First: We want the best for you and your business.
  • Respect: We believe everyone deserves respect. We believe a fair day’s work should receive a fair day’s pay.

Our People 

Our team is led by a Board of Executive Directors – qualified, experienced and Chartered. Our management team includes specialists in their fields of business. We invest in our staff and want them to succeed as much as we want you to succeed.

Our Customers 

Our customers are our reference point. When you are happy, so are we.

It’s not just about us! 

We are privileged people. Everyone at Cloudtamers – and most of our customers – have food, homes, healthcare and education. We mainly have peace in our country.  But this is not the story for everyone.

Ever heard of Burundi?  It’s a tiny Central African nation suffering civil unrest and extreme poverty – the hungriest nation on earth.  Through Cloudtamers’ giving we have helped some fantastic life-saving work.  One project leader – himself an orphan from the Rwandan genocide – writes, “…Despite the ongoing unrest …we were able to feed hungry people, build a home, pay school fees, give school materials and support women to start up a small business…”

We are committed to helping our staff succeed, to enabling our customers to do well and to giving less fortunate people a chance to improve their lives and communities.