What We Do

“Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice”. If we could be known for one thing we’d want it to be helping people find the right solution for their organisation. In the last quarter-century we’ve come across most types of organisation and we get a buzz from helping people find the things they actually want and that actually work for them.

Finding out what these are isn’t a five minute sales call – we call it a Business Needs Analysis (BNA) that:

  • helps clients clarify their thinking and their needs
  • identifies what kind of investment is required to meet these needs
  • helps them evaluate whether or not services or products from Cloudtamers will meet the need.

We believe you need to know what you really need so you don’t end up with something you really don’t want. Everyone who contacts Cloudtamers with a need or product enquiry will get a BNA to a greater or lesser extent – it might be a quick discussion over the phone or it might be a stand-alone chargeable service.

Our aim is that every client is a reference site, so we really want you to make the right decision.

The market leader?

Most organisations need

  • A finance system
  • A Customer Relationship Management system
  • An HR Management system
  • An Enterprise Resource Planning system
  • And many need an ecommerce system too.

Our business is helping your business to be the best – and for that you need the best “digital back office”.  There are many and varied offerings.  Our decades of experience has led us to place NetSuite at the core of much of what we do: “the fastest growing out of the top 10 financial management systems globally” [calculations from Gartner data published 2014].

Thousands of customers globally, spanning a wide range of industries, company sizes and business needs, trust their organisations to NetSuite:

  • The all-in-one solution for your whole business that grows with your business, ensuring that your growth won’t outpace your business systems
  • The cloud-based, business management software that gives you greater reliability while eliminating the cost of on-site hardware and software
  • The real-time business intelligence solution for any and every aspect of your organisation from anywhere at any time.

Why NetSuite?  It’s used by more than 24,000 organisations across 200 countries, a system experiencing 34% growth year on year and one that works out 30% – 50% cheaper total cost of ownership than traditional on-premise solutions (independent research by SMB group).  From micro-businesses to household names like Virgin Money, Siemens and Pitney Bowes, people are finding that NetSuite has the strength and agility to let managers manage in today’s fast-moving digital business environment.

See England’s largest independent bed maker using NetSuite supplied by Cloudtamers.


We’ve been involved in more than 30 NetSuite rollouts, many across the globe with multi-company, multi-currency and multi-jurisdiction tax requirements. Our consulting team is led by a NetSuite Certified ERP Consultant with decades of experience in both accounting and IT. If you’re just starting out looking at NetSuite or if your organisation has been using it for years, we can provide informed and objective advice, guidance, implementation services, training, trouble-shooting, custom development and ongoing support – giving you peace of mind when choosing, maintaining or enhancing your digital back office.


A software product is just the start. Your implementation is of fundamental importance to your success, whether you are transitioning to a new system, extending an existing system or integrating with external systems. As NetSuite Solution Providers and SuiteCloud Developers, Cloudtamers brings expertise and experience to work with you, ensuring your project delivers a fast time-to-value return.

Custom Development

In order to support your business effectively, your software system must align with your core business processes. NetSuite has tremendous flexibility to be configured to support unique processes and to integrate information from external systems. The Cloudtamers SuiteCloud Development Team will work with you to configure your NetSuite solution – and when ‘out-of-the-box’ functionality runs out we can extend that with custom development so that your system is set up to serve you, not you serve it.


Even the best system with the best implementation will flounder if people don’t know how to use it. Cloudtamers offers web-based, on-site and video training to equip your team to use your system to full advantage. From a single hour to answer questions and explain an aspect of your system to a company-wide training program, we offer flexibility to meet your needs.


We are here to help. Our customer services team are only a phone call away and we offer support packages to suit various needs including a customer login at www.cloudtamers.com/support.


Since 1991 we have been working with organisations of all shapes and sizes and we think we’ve come across enough good practice (and bad practice) to give our clients a trustworthy and informed opinion. Our team includes qualified and experienced business managers, IT professionals, trainers, a Chartered accountant, a Chartered CIPD (HR) Fellow, a Chartered environmentalist and a link to a team of fully qualified HR lawyers.

At the end of the day we believe success comes from a partnership approach and it is therefore our genuine desire to see our customers properly informed, advised, serviced and supported so that they can fulfil their objectives.