Cloudtamers Payroll Integrator Manager

Cloudtamers Payroll Integrator (PI) is efficient, accurate and easy to operate, importing information from multiple payrolls across different jurisdiction into NetSuite and NetSuite OneWorld.

Whether payroll is run in-house or outsourced (e.g. a payroll bureau), Cloudtamers PI brings external payroll transaction information into NetSuite, creating a financial journal optionally summarised by department, class and location, with an option to place copy payslip information on employee records.

Cloudtamers PI saves time and ensures NetSuite financial records contain accurate payroll information.

Developed fully within NetSuite, organisations can take full advantage of all the ‘one-system’ benefits of NetSuite’s single data source principles.

warren evans logoWho’s using this App? Warren Evans: Warren Evans is England’s largest independent bed-maker, a trusted, long-established and award-winning brand, both manufacturing beds and opening new retail stores every 2–3 months.

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See England’s largest independent bed maker using Cloudtamers Payroll Integrator.

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