Cloudtamers Booking Manager

Cloudtamers Booking Manager (BM) is an essential tool for organisations running events, hiring out property, rooms or ancillary equipment and services. Developed fully within NetSuite, Cloudtamers BM is a Booking Management Software Application that empowers organisations to manage inventory, enquiries, self-service reservations, bookings and calendaring. Functionality includes:
  • Item record inventory management
  • Item internal management
  • Item grouping
  • Booking management
  • Reservation management
  • Calendaring
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Plymouth Science Park

PSP is host to over 120 businesses set in 25 acres with over 150,000 sq ft office accommodation plus laboratory space.  PSP uses the Cloudtamers Booking Manager app to manage leases starting as short as 1 month, for managing meeting room and conferencing hire by the hour and all associated services such as equipment, catering, cleaning etc. with customer self-service enquiry and booking.

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